Tim Simon

Tim Simon was a solicitor for more than 40 years and formed the Ian Karten Charitable Trust on behalf of Ian Karten in 1980 since when he has been a Trustee. Following the death of Mr Karten in 2011 he became Chairman and he is also a Director of the Network.

Angela Hobbs

Angela joined the Ian Karten Charitable Trust as PA to Ian Karten in 2001. In 2006 she became a Trustee. Angela carries out the day to day administration for the Trust from her office at home in Lymington. When not working she can be found riding her horse, Bartley, in the New Forest.

Ceri Hibbert

Ceri worked for the Trust and Network from July 2009 to March 2016. Following her retirement Ceri became a trustee.

Alex Davis

Alex Davis

Alex is a Development professional with a particular focus on the arts and education. She has spent nearly six years working at cultural institutions and museums including the Tate, the Landmark Trust and The London Library, helping to develop sources of philanthropic funding that allow cultural organisations to build a sustainable future. Alex sits on the Development Board of St John’s College, University of Durham, and she became a Trustee of the Ian Karten Charitable Trust in March 2016.

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis became a trustee in 2013 and is a solicitor. He has a particular interest in educational work.

David Fullerton

David Fullerton

Dave has been a Trustee since 2011, and until recently had also been a Director for 8 years on the Network Board. His background was in the military where he specialized in telecommunications systems which led him into teaching positions. On completion of his service Dave joined the Enham Trust where he took his skills to heading up client development in independence living and work preparation. While in this role Dave was fortunate enough have the second ever CETC centre which was opened by Ian in 1998. More recently Dave has run his own consultancy business working with a host of organizations in opening up minds to the benefits of disabled people in employment teams. Nearing retirement Dave now devotes much of his time in countryside projects.