Karten Trustees News – March 2016

In March 2016 the Trustees agreed funding at:

Linkage College’s Toynton and Weelsby campuses, Lincolnshire – additional equipment funded to upgrade equipment in the existing Karten Centres.

QAC Birmingham – additional equipment funded to develop a facility for students to learn about building PCs and networking.

Victoria House, Hull – funding was agreed for a new Centre to provide services as part of the Disabilities Trust’s Connectability Project.

A reminder that Trustees meet to consider funding applications in March and September each year.  The deadline for submission of September 2016 applications to Dawn (UK) or Debbie (Israel) is 15 July.  Please ensure you let us know if you are planning on submitting an application, as this will give us the best opportunity to discuss your proposal and support you throughout the process.